writePpm, silently, does not produce images if Box3D does not represent a slice

I got the impression from the user guide that if a domain or a part of a domain is used (not a slice), an image will be generated. My guess was that it would probably represent the 3D domain boundaries in a default orientation, but this is not the case.

to reproduce the effect use the line in one of the tutorials. for writeGif
Box3D slice(0, nx-1, 0, ny-1, 0, nz-1);

if you use writePpm the pictures will not be generated silently.
if you use writeGif, you will get the following warning in :
Error in using ImageMagick convert command.
Error in removing temporary ppm file.

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Dear Maka,

The writePpm function produces 2D images only, and works only on slices.

To visualize 3D data, you should write it in a VTK format and visualize it with a software like Paraview.