Why Uniform Grids? Why Not Non-Uniform (Curvilinear)?

Hi All,

I have a very basic question… Why do we use uniform grids for all the problems unlike conventional CFD where we use non-uniform grids. I saw couple of papers on non-uniform grids (using Jacobian) for LBM but I don’t think most of them prefer to use curvilinear co-ordinates in LBM. Is there any specific reason behind this.

Anybody please answer this question. Lot of people in my school are asking this question.

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Narender Koosukuntla.

Dear Narender,

The reason is simple: it is the advection which is exact in the case of the LBM. Basically, in the continuity equation there is no any trace of numerical diffusion which will appear as soon as you introduce the non-uniform grid.


Dear Alex,

Thank you for answering my question.