Where is the developer's guide?

Hello everyone,

After the migration of Palabos to the new website, the link of the developer’s guide has disappeared. Can you please provide us with it?

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Hello chaaban,

Since the developer’s guide used to existed on the homepage was too old (v1.0), I have created the a new guide of Palabos v2.0 using Doxygen myself. If you need, I can send it to you by email.

best wishes,

Good remark. Probably we should regenerate the developer’s guide.

We’ll keep you posted when it’s done.

Hi steed188,

Would you mind sending me the guide via email?


Thank you for your replies. In the meantime stead188, can you send it please to my email? chaaban@iam.rwth-aachen.de
Best regards,

Dear, steed can you please send me a user guide. It’s too difficult to write the code without a new guide. My email is lchn1@163.com. Thanks a lot.

Dear kauraajn, chaaban, lchn1

I have sent the developer guide of Palabos V2.0r0 by email. I generated it by myself, so it is not an official version and just for reference. Please wait for the official version. :grinning:

best wishes,

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Here is the “official” doxygen documentation (automatically generated when tagging a commit):


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