VOF model in 2D Open Channel

Hello everyone,

It have been some days that I started to read the tutorials in order to understand how to use Palabos. But, until now I do not really understand how it works, I am also a beginner in Linux interface. I am interested to use the VOF model to simulate fluid flow (water) in a rectangular channel in 2D. So, I would like to know if someone can answers me some of the next questions:

  1. It is necessary to use the LES turbulence model to simulate this two phase model?
  2. If I use the LES turbulence model it is mandatory to use a 3D model?
  3. Do you know some literature that could explain to a beginner in this approach to model fluid dynamics?

Finally, I will like to know if the developpers of Palabos Projet will create some more user-friendly tutorials to the beginners in this new approach?

Thanks you so much,