Value Tracer Utility for Thermal Conduction

Hello All,

I am trying to determine the steady state for for thermal conduction in porous media(using the AdvectionDiffusionD2Q5). After which I calculate the Effective thermal conductivity of the system. I use [code=“cpp”]getStoredAverageDensity

 for convergance. (Which I assume is the the temperature for theAD-D2Q5 Desciptor). Unfortunately I am getting different values for different number of iterations(where program terminates based on the value tracer). Also I am running to  them on different lattice Us for see the difference. Here is a summary of some results

And here is a snippet of my code

    util::ValueTracer<T> converge((T)0.001,(T)1,1.0e-16);
    bool firstTimeConverged = false;
/*........................some operations................*/
if (converge.hasConverged())
                        if (!firstTimeConverged)
                            firstTimeConverged = true;
                            pcout << "Intermediate convergence.\n";

I think I am missing some very fundamental about the value tracer and my problem…can’t figure it out. Any help will be appreciated