Unit Conversion and Benchmark for MCMP

Dear All,

I want to check my MPMC code. Any help in this area appreciated. First of all I am confused about unit conversion in MPMC and implementing EOS, Please help me in this area. Furthermore i am confused about compressibility(!) of phases in MPMC, for example in Poissulle flow simulation for two phase flow interface change position depending on selected parameter for G11, G12, G22,… in Shan-Chen Algorithm. Finally i need a benchmark to check my code please give me a way to be sure that my code give write answer!


Dear Sajjad
Have you ever read the Yuan And Shaefer(2006) article??/
they expressed the unit conversion. and if you work on MPMC problem you can simulate bubble shear as a benchmark and compare with other resualt like maryam Dabaghzade Tehrani thesis.
Best regards

Dear M.khatonabadi

Yes, I read it completely and it was about single component. In the case of MPMC the G parameter didn’t eliminate! BTW tanks for your help.

Best wishes