TLBM simulation in a square cavity 2D

Hello LBM Friends ’

i have to simulate natural convection ““laminar”” using a Matlab code based on LBM (take a look on rayleigh-benard convection matlab’s code on this website) in square cavity filled with air (Pr = 0.71) where : left wall assumed HOT and the right one is COLD : so for these 2 walls i applied macroscopic temeperature as equal to the sum of Ti (D2Q5)

for the upper and the bottom walls (adiabatics) i applied Neuman boundary condition : T[sub]k/sub=(4T[sub]k/sub-T[sub]k/sub)/3

for the fluid i applied the model D2Q9 ,and the domain walls are : 1:lx ; 1:ly
the problem is the average Nusselt value is good ,however the isotherms lines are not similar to those obtained by simulation using Fluent Ansys 6.3

please could you making me know if are there any mistakes ? wat to do to get the best solution
Thank you so much