Strange (unphysical) behavior - flow around obj in channel

Dear lbm-partners,

I mixed the codes of channel3D and generalExternalFlow in order to simulate flow around an obstacle inside a channel. First I am simulating an steady obstacle but soon it will be interacting with the fluid.

At first I applied an uniform velocity BC in the inlet. The results were not close to literature but the BC are slightly different, and the flow patterns are realistic. (see image bellow)

But I applied a profile recovering a full developed flow condition, I got this strange result which is converged. (see image bellow) The BC seems to be ok but the solution is far from being logical.

Any advice is highly appreciated.

Kind regards

I’ve found the problem, sorry for the disturbance. Just a matter of axis caused when i changed the flow direction. I am working in a final version when I finished it if someone want a copy just ask for it.