Single Component- Multiphase example

Does anyone have an example program featuring a single component, multiphase fluid using the ForcedShanChenCoupling generator? Ive been able to get a multicomponent model going with the help of the RayleighTaylor2d example, however on modifying this code to do a single component problem, i get stuck with this line:

[size=small]lattice.addLatticeCoupling(coupling, [b]partner[/b]);[/size]

Im not sure what the “partner” variable should be. In the multicomponent example the following is used:

[size=small]vector<SpatiallyExtendedObject2D* > partnerForOne;

ForcedShanChenCouplingGenerator2D<T,DESCRIPTOR> coupling1(0,nx-1,1,ny-2,G);
latticeOne.addLatticeCoupling(coupling1, partnerForOne);[/size]


At this point, there is no single-component multi-phase implementation in OpenLB.

Yeah I didn’t quite understand what I was asking when I posted this. Thanks for the help though.