Simulation of Dense Droplets within Light Phase using Palabos

Dear all

I’m planning to simulate the Mist/Steam flow using LBM. Particularly I’m trying to study the bahavior of water droplets (which has a high density around 1000) within steam flow (obviously with much lower density).

Do you have any idea how I can achieve it using Palabos platform?

I think the main difficulty is to find the proper two-phase model for this problem, as the Shan-Chen model will become Unstable at this density ratio (which is around 1000).
Further, as much as I can understand, the VOF based free surface-LBM algorithm tends to neglect the lighter phase, which here is the steam and is the main part of the flow and unlike the "Bubble Splitter Example"could not be removed from the simulation.

What is your idea and suggestion?

Hi Foad
By using different equattions of state you can simulate large density ratio.
please tahe a look at new article 2013 and 2014.
you can also use free energy method.

Best regards