Simulation of air bubble in water column with obstacles

Hello. I wonder, if it’s possible to simulate air bubble dynamics in water column with obstacles using LBM (you can see an example below).

I’ve found some examples of LBM two-phase simulation (matlab script of Orestis Malaspinas), but it seems not to be suitable for my task. Maybe there are some articles about this problem or source codes?

Hello, I got some difficult when simulating a bubble rising in water using the model of S-C. Could you please give me some advice or
code resource about how to deal with the force of bouyancy. Thank you very much.

Hello , I got some difficulty in solving air bubble rising in water,what is the psi equation used in Shan and Chen model to deal upto 1000 density.

                                    P=RHO *Cs*Cs+Co*g/2*Psi*Psi  

how to convert all into physical units.will it work with multicomponenet model of shan and chen.
Any IDEA of implementing Peng-Robinson EOS in S-C model for psi.
Can you please share a source code of bubble rising to my email. :
thanks in advance.

saritha reddy