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Dear Palabos users & developers,

I’ve been using Palabos to recreate and further study a shape optimiser based on strain-rate similar to
“Shape optimization of flow channels based on lattice Boltzmann method” by Jungmin Park

An excerpt of my abstract:

Among many, a heuristic optimisation algorithm which
mimics erosion and sedimentation processes has been proposed. Although this
method succeeded in modifying flow geometries for reduced pressure drop, this
allowed the fluid domain to widen during the reshaping process. This implied
that a reported reduction of pressure drop was not only caused by an improve-
ment of the flow path, but also by an increase in the domain width. However,
pipes with a constant circular diameter are favoured in many applications be-
cause they can be easily manufactured. Here, the heuristic optimisation ap-
proach was combined with a new geometrical constraint that kept the average
diameter constant. This way, a reduction of pressure drop caused solely by the
modification of the flow path can be assessed. An objective of this research was
to determine the applicability of the new algorithm for 2D channel and 3D pipe
geometries. For this purpose, numerical simulations using the Lattice Boltzmann
method were conducted with Reynolds numbers ranging from 40 to 500.
In most cases, the method succeeded in finding an improved shape while keeping
the average diameter at its initial value.

I’d like to make my modifications of the palabos code public alongside an article in which I present my findings. Do you have any recommendations on suitable journals?