Pulsatile Flow for Poiseuille 2D

Hi all.

I’m new with OpenLB, and i’m working on a simulation of pulsatile flow with poiseuille. I have some problems with the speed “Umax”. In the exemple “poiseuille2D”, Umax is considered as “const”, and i did not found where I can change this status… How can I do ??

If you erase the keyword “const” in the program, the variable Umax is not constant any more.

At first, thank you for your answer Jlatt.

Infortunately the problem is not so simple… Umax, in the Poiseuille2D exemple, seems to be linked with many other “programs” on OpenLB…

I’m triying to introduce a pulsatile PoiseuilleVelocity with, for exemple a function as : sin(iT*PI/2) (iT : 0 --> MaxIter), or something like this.

But the results seem to be chaotics…

Do the Poiseuille2D example tolerates a transitive flow, or it’s built as it can’t tolerates ?!?!?