problem with example "segregation2D" in shanChenMultiPhase

I tried to compile the example segregation2D (codesByTopicx/shanChenMulitPhase) from the new Palabos version under Windows with Code::Blocks.

I get following error:

undefined reference to `plb::SerialScalarAccess3D::SerialScalarAccess3D()’|

it refers to this part of the code defaultMultiBlockPolicy3D.h, in detail to the bold line

MultiScalarAccess3D* getMultiScalarAccess() {
return new ParallelScalarAccess3D();
return new SerialScalarAccess3D();

Does anyone have an idea? I'm thankful for any help, 
 Best regards, 

Dear Gerd,

There were some problems with Code-Blocks and compilation, but I think we managed to provide a temporary fix until the next release. Can you please see this thread:,7488

and let us know if it solves your problem?


Dear Dimitris,
thank you for fast reply.

I have tried the changed code, but the error remains the same.
Do you have any other ideas? (I’m new using Palabos, so there may be a basic error)

Best regards,

Can you please try to add in the file: defaultMultiBlockPolicy2D.h

the line:

#include “multiBlock/serialMultiDataField2D.hh”

and in the file: defaultMultiBlockPolicy3D.h

the line:

#include "multiBlock/serialMultiDataField3D.hh"

Thank you!

Great! It works now. Thanks a lot!