Problem running Palabos showcase gridRefinement2d

I’m using Palabos v1.5r1, with intel 13.0 compiler and OpenMPI 1.6.3 libraries, and I have got problems when running the showcase : palabos-v1.5r1/examples/showCases/gridRefinement2d/dipole.cpp The compilation works fine, but when running the program I have an MPI error that is :

dipole:23134 terminated with signal 11 at PC=3fc3c37122 SP=7fff1bdfa520. Backtrace:

I’ve tried many different versions of intel and gcc compiler, with the correct openMpi libraries, no matter I still have the same execution error.

Has someone successfully executed this showcase?
Have you an idea how I can fix this problem?
Is there a “trusted compiler” for palabos v1.5r1 ?
Thank you in advance.

Dear Daniel,

The problem is that you need to provide the resolution as a command line argument:

./dipole 100


mpirun -np 4 ./dipole 100

or whatever you prefer. It is unfortunate that the executable aborts with a segfault. We shall provide some kind of diagnostics at the next release.

As far as compilers go, we mostly use g++ and clang++, but any other compiler is fine!