Problem on the time evolution of the particle?

Dear all:
I am confused about the time evolution of the particle given in the reference: C. Aidun and J. Clausen, Lattice Boltzmann Method for Complex Flows. Annual Review of Fluid Mechanics, 2010. 42(1).

I . d(W)/dt + W x [I . W ] = T

I think that the angular momentum is I.W, so the equation should be d(I.W)/dt = I . d(W)/dt = T.
So I do not know the meaning of W x [I . W ]. I am very glad if anyone could you give an explanation. I need your kind help and thanks in advance.

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it depends on the coordinate system you are talking about. The equation is different in the lab frame and in the co-rotating coordinate system.
You should have a look at a mechanics textbook where rotating bodies are covered.


Hello, dear Timm. Thanks a lot for your help.

Yes, as the angular momentum (I.W) is described in the rotating system, d(I.W) /dt is not equal I.dw/dt.