Permeability spatial resolution (delta_x)

Hello all,

I am using a D3Q27 lattice with TRTDynamics to compute the permeability of a porous medium. I am having some issues with figuring out the spatial resolution (delta_x) that is standard with Palabos. Can anybody help me with this please?

I only ask for the sake of unit conversion as the permeability tutorial states: “The final quantity of interest, the permeability, has dimensions of length squared. Therefore, the actual permeability is the lattice permeability times the spatial resolution squared.”

Unfortunately the unit conversion link is broken, but the Kruger text book is helping somewhat.

If my images are 500X500x500 does that simply mean that a node is placed at every point or a pixels edge?

And if I am getting a permeability read out of 154 and am expecting a value closer to 1.54E-9 how can I make sense of this?

Also if anybody can point me in the direction of how to change the lattice viscosity (nu) I would be grateful.

Thanks in advance!

what is your lattice length? which is the spatial resolution. for example 10 um, the real K =154* (10*10^-6)^2. This is my understanding so far.