Parallel runs

Dear all.

I’m trying the parallel setup. I changed the MPIparallel from false to true in the makefile and during the compiling i get:

/usr/local/include/mpicxx.h:22:4: error: #error ‘Please use the same version of GCC and g++ for compiling MPICH2 and user MPI programs’

I think that is due to the old version installed in the package manager of my ubuntu. I checked and it is the latest there.
I can download and install a newer version but i don’t know how to link during compiling.

Someone knows how overcome this error? thanks in advance.


Dear Stefano,

It seems to me you are right about the different version. You need to update your compiler and MPICH2 library. Or just use OpenMPI library - I’ve never had any problems with it. So my suggestion is to update both compiler and the library. Uninstall and install again.

Hopefully it will help,