Palabos Summer School 2022: Registration open

Dear Palabos community

We cordially invite you to attend the Palabos Summer School 2022, which will be held as an in-person event in Geneva on 4-6 July 2022 (3 days).

The topic is the development and execution of multi-GPU programs. Since this year, Palabos has a GPU backend which provides state-of-the-art multi-GPU performance for programs that are written within the standard development API of Palabos (some adjustments are needed for complex applications, which you will learn about at the Summer School).

Secondary topics are pore-level flow through porous media and multi-component flow with the pseudo-potential approach. The practical part of the course takes the form of a hackathon, as you will work on implementing and executing a GPU solution for a multi-component flow problem in porous media.

Further information and a registration link are provided on the Web site:

As the number of participants is limited, consider registering soon to secure one of the available spots.

We are looking forward to welcoming you to the class in July.

The organizers

Dear @jonas ,

Is there anywhere we I can find instructions on how to compile Palabos on an NVIDIA GPU?

Many thanks