OpenLB Release 0.5

Dear all,

A new release of OpenLB is out. The most important new feature is OpenLB multiphysics, a structure by which you may couple several lattices together. You will find example programs which show how to implement multi-component and thermal fluids, in 2D or 3D, and in serial or parallel.

Furthermore, MPI parallelization is now more efficient. Check out the benchmark page to see how an efficiency of 3.5 Giga site updates per second was reached in a 3D benchmark on a parallel machine with 4069 processors.

The user guide has been updated and includes a section on data I/O, using either the binary Base64 format, or (new) an ASCII format.

Thanks a lot, Professor Latt!

Your work is impressive!

Since I am still quite new to LB method, I am wondering about conjugate heat transfer problem.

Thermal capability was added to the latest release version. The examples given only solve for fluid domain. What if there is also solid domain in the case, that is, is it possible to solve a conjugate heat transfer problem which involves solids (heat conduction) and fluids (natural convection and/or force convection)?


Hello all,

I can’t see the new release on the webpage provided. Could you upload it.

Thank you, you are doing great job,


If you click on Download on the left side of the web page, you should be able to see all version of source codes. The latest version is olb-0.5r0.tgz relased on May 14, 2008.


I am glad you guys like it. It’s really a teamwork though, and all participants to the project deserve the credit.

To Pei: heat conduction in solids is not currently handled in OpenLB. I suggest you post your question on the “Lattice Boltzmann” side of the forum, as somebody might have an idea to help you out.

To Alex: The release is there, but your browser probably displays a cached version of the page. Try to double-click on the “refresh” button, or something alike.

Thank you,

Now it’s there. Did you make a new guide for this release?