npFEM.dll question

Hi Community,
I’ve been learning npFEM recently. According to the README file in the folder “coupledSimulators\npFEM\npFEM_StandAlone_RhinoGH”, I want to use npFEM solver in Rhino 6. First, add the system environment variable PALABOS_ROOT = “D: \ palabos master”, then generate npFEM.dll in vs2019, copy it to the “Rhino 6\Plug-ins\Grasshopper\Components” folder, and add this path to the system path. but when opening the file, Rhino 6 software directly reports an error and exits. I don’t know which step was wrong.

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Try using Rhino5 instead of Rhino6. I remember having a similar problem with Rhino6 which I did not have the time to debug. However, Rhino5 is the tested version at the time where I was developing the code.

Hi, Kotsalos,

I’m learning bloodFlowDefoBodies.cpp. During learning, I found that the vertex position of RBC can be output in the results. I want to ask you how can I output the velocity and force of vertexID with vtk? I’m looking at visualization.h. I found that the ConnectedTriangleMesh did not store this information. Could you please give me some help?And there is a notes as follows which I didn’t understand. Could you tell me why we can’t any additional data the mesh.
// Do not need any additional data linked to the mesh

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Hi Emma,
I am not really sure how you could do it, but I would suggest you to check the mesh.registerVertexProperty in the rbcShapeOp.h. Therefore, I would first register in the mesh the additional fields that I want (now only the positions are registered while all the other properties are commented out) and then I would go to the visualization.h in order to write them in the generated vtk file. From what I see, there is some commented-out code in the visualization.h to write the forces (the velocities would work along the same lines).

Hi, Christos:
Thank you very much for your reply. According to your ideas, I have uncommented mesh.registerVertexProperty in the rbcShapeOp. h. These parameters can be displayed in the vtk file. However, the calculation results of these parameters (including shearforce, area and pressure) are all 0. This is obviously error. I hope you can point out my problems further.
In addition, if I want to output the total external force of vertex, which parameter should I output?
I have studied hard for a long time before I asked you for advice, but I still can’t solve this problem, so I really hope to get your guidance. I am looking forward to your reply!