no-slip boundary for flow over structured surface

Hello everybody,

I am looking for a solution to implement no-slip boundaries for a structured surface.
The surface is implemented from boolean mask

MultiScalarField3D boolMask(nx, ny, nz);
plb_ifstream ifile(“geometry.dat”);
ifile >> boolMask;

and the only way I know to define a boundary condition is bunceback
defineDynamics(lattice, boolMask, new BounceBack<T,DESCRIPTOR>, true);

It should be possible to define no-slip bc for every wall part by using

boundaryCondition->addVelocityBoundary1N(WallPart1, lattice);
setBoundaryVelocity(lattice, WallPart1, Array<T,3>(0., 0., 0.));

but defining it manually would take a lot of time.
Is it possibile to define the no-slip boundary automatically?
Or does anybody know another solution?

I am thankful for any help.

Best regards