Multiphase Thermal LBM

Hey guys,

I have been recently trying to incorporate thermal effects to my multiphase simulations. I am still using the shan chen lbm as i am not able properly incorporate wall interaction when using other equations of state. in shan chen, i take T=1/G and use a separate mesh to model the transport of temperature as we usually do in thermal LBM. It works perfectly in single phase but doesnt work in multiphase. The simulation goes to NaN at the interfaces. I read in various papers about a heat source term which took phase change into account (involving rho, cv and delta t). But how do i implement this formula? I tried Cv=5.1 as given in one paper i saw, but it didnt work. I also tried converting Cv directly into lattice units but it still didnt solve my problem. Can anybody tell me what value to take for Cv and if it is fine to calculate delta T similar to how we calculate psi?

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Hello Githin,

were you able to combine the shan-chen single component multiphase LBM with thermal LBM?

Hello, may I ask how you add the effect of ShanChen force, original type or Guo external force type?