Multiphase microfluidics simulation with Palabos

Hi everyone,
My name is Paul and I am a biomedical engineering working with microfluidics but I am very weak in numerical simulation.
My question is if anyone has experience in using palabos in multiphase microfluidics simulation?

I used to do FEM and FVM simulation and I am trying to do multiphase fluid mechanics simulation with FEM now by level set method.(COMSOL)

But i found it quick difficult to get the results.
I just wonder if anyone has experience of multiphase microfluidics simulation (for example droplet generation) with lattice boltzman simulation and could share your insight in comparison to the classical levelset method people has been using.

I am trying to setup the palabos on my windows system to try to understand how it works.
I wonder if there’s any easy way to import some CAD created structures for simulation?
(these will be the geometry of the microfluidic channel instead of a rigid structure.)

Thanks a lot.


Take a look at the aneurism showcase for importing your geometry. I have not worked with studies like the ones you mention so can not help you any further. Good luck

Hi DavidA,
Thank you very much for that in formaiton.
I’ll take a look into the aneurism case.