Multi-Component Multi-Phase Diffusion

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I am trying to decide whether LBM is right for me. I want to simulate a case with multiple fluids and a gas, I would like the fluids to be able to mix and that mass diffusion is modeled accurately, also the possibility to add more components is desirable.

I have looked at a variety of methods, Shan-Chen and He-Shan-Doolen look most promising but before I put time into implementing these I wanted to have the more experienced people here weigh in, and hopefully tell me the validity of these models in my case.

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The LBM has been used to model mass diffusion of multiple gas components (with different molecular weights) flowing inside porous fuel cell electrodes. The simplest cases validated very well with the Stefan-Maxwell equations. More details at:

(paper #2 and #3)

We used 3 gas species in our work but the algorithm can be generalized to model any number of species.


  • Abhijit