Moving Geometry using Sine Function


I’m very new to PALABOS, and I’ve trying to use the example code generalExternalFlow.cpp to have a moving ship geometry to oscillate using a simple sine function with respect to the simulation time. The XML file to input simulation parameters allows for angular velocity to be inputted for a moving geometry, but only as a numerical value as in the actual code, the array storing the angular velocity vector is a type double under class “T”:

typedef double T;

std::vector<Array<T,3> > angularVelocities;     // Angular velocity vectors for all moving surfaces in physical units.

Does anyone have experience in inputting a sine function to a moving geometry, and how that would be achieved? Does anyone also know where within the generalExternalFlow.cpp code does is the angularVelocities array is used to move the geometry within the domain?
Any advice would be appreciated.