Modelling a Stirred Tank Reactor

Hey everyone!
I just stumbled upon Palabos recently and it seems like a really well-designed and modern library for doing CFD, which I am just starting out with. I would like to model fluid (and particle) dynamics in a Stirred Tank Reactor (microcarrier suspension and shear stress to be exact) and am wondering how to implement a moving impeller in Palabos. I found an example of a Moving Wall in the showcases, but there seems to be no documentation specifically dedicated to moving boundaries in Palabos and I guess an impeller will be somewhat more complicated than a linearly moving wall, especially if we want to be economical with computing time and only simulate a part of the reactor (like a quarter, it’s pretty symmetric). Then parts of the impeller wouldn’t only move, they’d also leave and re-enter the computed domain.
Is anybody aware of any further resources on this or has some other useful hints and tricks? I’d be very grateful for any advice/guidance!