Missing examples?

When I set the output paths on cavity2d to [code=“cpp”]

The compiled code outputs

'Saving GIF ...
The system cannot find the path specified.
The system cannot find the path specified.'

During the running of the program. However, when I look in the tmp folder, it fills up during the code running. Is the error incorrect, or is it telling me that it is correctly guessing where to place the files?

Also, is it correct that I had to download the files for v1.2r0 to obtain the breakingDam3d showcase? It seems counter intuitive to have to download previous versions to obtain non-obsolete showcases.

Thank you in advance for nudging a beginner in the correct direction


I have tried to compile and run the breakingDam3d example, but I am told '...\breakingDam3d\damBreak3d.cpp|104|error: 'freeSurfaceFlag' has not been declared|' I cannot find a freeSurfaceFlag file, but I can find multiple freeSurface files. Am I missing a file, or am I not understanding the error?

Take a look at showCases/vofMultiPhase/damBreak3d.cpp :wink:

I experienced the problem with GIF + Code::Blocks. The problem was that the current directory was not where the exe file is but where the Code::Blocks project root is. When I created TMP folder there, the error disappeared. Alternatively try to run the exe file directly using CMD.

Have a try with