LBM Thermal code!


I’ve just started working on Thermal LBM! I wrote a D2Q9 code for a duct base on D’Orazio and Succi papaer[1]
Velocity profile is ok but the problem is the temperature distribution! The inlet is hot flow and the wall boundaries are cold. the flow gets cold quickly! It is warm just very close to the inlet! I tried for higher velocity but not a visible change in the result. I got tired of checking BC and the whole code over a month!
Could you please give me a suggestion? It would be high appreciated if send me a code to check my code with that!


[1] D’Orazio A, Succi S,Simulating two-dimensional thermal channel flows by means of a lattice Boltzmann method with new boundary conditions,FUTURE GENERATION COMPUTER SYSTEMS Volume: 20 Issue: 6 Pages: 935-944 Published: AUG 2004

you cospicuously dont’ apply thermal bounday conditions correctly,…

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