LBM on Sphere packing

Hi friends,

I’m going to write the code of sphere packing and I want to simulate the flow through this porous medium. My model is in the 3D condition with rectangle or cylinder container.How can I use LBM for simulating flow through these different size spheres and find the permeability of this sphere packing ?


I have done LBM on sphere packing, and it works quite straight forward. The necessary steps are:

  1. Get the sphere packing from whereever you want to obtain it
  2. Transfer the analytical description of your spheres (I assume you have a file with center coordinates and radius for each sphere) to a boolean mask
  3. Instantiate bounce-back nodes with that boolean mask
  4. Add pressure in- and outlet.
  5. Simulate until steady state, average the velocity and use Darcy’s law for the permeability.

I hope this was helpfull,