LBM Initialization for incompressible flow

Hi everybody!
I’m trying to understand how Palabos initializes the simulations for a channelflow (2D). I’ve used tutorial 1_5 (Poisseuille flow), and after the initialization of the lattice grid, I’ve looked at the 9 f-values and they are really small. I would’ve expected to initialize them so that their sum is one. Isn’t this the usual approach?
Also after running a few collideandstream steps, the values remain very small.
Further which is the meaning of the 9 f values? Is it the usual one:
f[0] -> center
f[1] -> east
f[2] -> north
f[3] -> west
f[4] -> south
f[5] -> NW
f[6] -> NE
f[7] -> SE
f[8] -> SW

Is there any palabos documentation describing these choices?

Thank you very much!