LBM couette flow

I just start to learn the Lattice Boltzmann Method and I work on couette flow.
I read some articles about this subject but i’m very confused and i can’t write numerically what i read.
Can anyone help me in this subject? or have a simple working example?
Please help me if you can.


have a look at this 2D example code. Maybe, it can help you.


Dear Timm
Thank you, it was very helpful
I have just a question, in my case the flow is between two cylinder and the inner cylinder is animated with an angular velocity
can you help me how to proceed?


rotating cylinders are much more complicated in LBM. You have to use boundary conditions which are not mesh-conform. This can be done, for example, with the immersed boundary method or with interpolated bounce-back. Another option is a generalized boundary condition. You could have a look at this article: Verschaeve, J. Comput. Phys. 229 (2010)


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Hello, I’m also interested about an example of the implementation of a Couette flow but your link seems not valid anymore.

Could you post it again please?

Many thanks in advance,


page not found!!! could you upload the code?

I moved the resources to a new website: