LBM and unstructured meshes

Hi, joined the network today, hope to get some good inputs here :slight_smile:

I am currently developing a LBM code for my master thesis which should be fully unstructured in nature. I am currently able to read 2D/3D CGNS meshes (quad4, quad8, tri3, tetra4 and bar2 elements) and have devised an algorithm to find the neighbor nodes at node i. Now I want to implement the collision step (simple BGK operator for the beginning) but I am having trouble to find descriptive papers on that. The ones I have consulted are less descriptive and more results orientated which is not very helpful for me.

How is that solved in palabos? Maybe I did not search enough but I couldn’t find any information on that.

If anyone could provide me with helpful references or even code examples (greatly preferred) that shows ways how to deal with unstructured grids in general using LBM I would be very thankful for that.