Is openlb applicable to simulation of aerosol particle deposition?

Hi, openlb friends

I’m committed to studying aerosol particle deposition in turbulent flows. In this case, particles are sufficiently small and widely separated so that their influence on the fluid velocity can be ignored.

In my plan, LES/DNS of turbulent flows will be done by the using of LBM. I’m totally a beginner of openlb, so I really want to know whether the openlb is a correct choice for my situation.

Hopefully, experienced friends can give me some advices.


Hi Li,

I’m not sure how this would be done useing OpenLB/Palabos, however you may find this paper interesting, it covers the motion of particles in a turbulent flow using coupled LBM and DEM. The paper also serves as an introduction to the LBM.

Coupled lattice Boltzmann and discrete element modelling of fluid–particle interaction problems