Installation on Macos

Please tell me how can compile the code on macos?

Also where can I get source code in Fortran?

The thing to do to get OpenLB compiled on whichever platform is to get a C++ compiler. Usually, gcc is the first choice, as it is free and ported to many platforms. This is valid for Mac OS too. However, I don’t have any Mac and don’t know how to install gcc there. Is there anybody out there who knows?

I think the easiest way to install gcc is to install xcode link.


Thanks for your suggestions,

I installed xcode also I tried to run simple code of poiseuille flow (poiseuille2d) as per instruction provided in the manual but I am getting error.

I am unable to debug because I am new to use c++ and also dont know how to run the programs of OpenLB?

Hope you understand what I mean?

Please send me detailed procedure to run a simple program using OpenLB also please suggest me which version I have to download and respective user guide for rreference.

what’s the error message?