Install Problem- Parallel HDF5


I am totally new to Palabos. I installed it in Visual Studio 2019 and when debug the tutorial.cpp, it shows:

[CMake] You need the parallel version of HDF5 to run this example, the code will compile and run, but without the HFD5 output!

But in CMake, when I choose HDF5_Enable_Parallel, it shows error:

Parallel and C++ options are mutually exclusive, override with ALLOW_UNSUPPORTED option.

If I don’t install Parallel HDF5, I still able to run several examples. When I execute cavity2d.cpp, it exits below:

step 11520; t=0.9; av energy=2.414912485e-06; av rho=0.9999628297
Time spent during previous iteration: 0.004839399997
Saving Gif …

Saving VTK file …
could not open file ./tmp/vtk012800.vti
Assertion failed: ostr && (bool)(*ostr), file …\src\io\serializerIO.cpp, line 93
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Struggling. I still didn’t figure out how to solve it. So seeking help here. Appreciate it if anyone can help.