initialize based on boolean of MultiScalarField3D

Hi all,
I’m working with a simulation of porous flow with heat transfer. I am using the permeability tutorial as my main template so I load in the solid into the ‘geometry’ MultiScalarField3D object. I want to initialize the temperature lattice such that the solid has a certain temperature and the fluid has a different temperature.

I believe the simplest way to do this is to use

initializeAtEquilibrium(lattice, domain, Function f)

where I can make a function that applies temperatures onto lattice nodes based on my boolean geometry mask.

I'm not entirely comfortable with the data processors of palabos so I don't think my nested loop through the entire domain is even remotely efficient. I'm hoping to find someone with better knowledge of the palabos code (or c++ in general) to give a tip for a compact/quick way to apply this function on the multiblocks instead of nesting loops through the entire domain to apply the two temperatures into the fluid/solid. Does anyone have advice?