Including Gravity in the Aneurysm Model


I am trying to include gravity in the aneurysm model. I have tried to include the GuoExternalForceBGKdynamics with not much luck. I get alot of compilation errors. Any assistance in how to implement this model properly would be appreciated. I would like to add this model while including the LES turbulence model. I really get tripped up when trying to add both.

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Muaaz Bhamjee

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Hi,Muaaz Bhamjee
I would like to add LES turbulence model to aneurysm model.I wanted to know if you were successful?Can you tell me how you do it?
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Dear Guo Weiqi,

Apologies for the delayed response, I was on vacation. I did add it in successfully using the following code (I have included the earlier code lines so that you can see where I placed the additional code):

   // The aneurysm simulation is an interior (as opposed to exterior) flow problem. For
//   this reason, the lattice nodes that lay inside the computational domain must
//   be identified and distinguished from the ones that lay outside of it. This is
//   handled by the following voxelization process.
const int flowType = voxelFlag::inside;
VoxelizedDomain3D<T> voxelizedDomain (
        boundary, flowType, extraLayer, borderWidth, extendedEnvelopeWidth, blockSize );
if (performOutput) {
    pcout << getMultiBlockInfo(voxelizedDomain.getVoxelMatrix()) << std::endl;

MultiScalarField3D<int> flagMatrix((MultiBlock3D&)voxelizedDomain.getVoxelMatrix());
setToConstant(flagMatrix, voxelizedDomain.getVoxelMatrix(),
              voxelFlag::inside, flagMatrix.getBoundingBox(), 1);
setToConstant(flagMatrix, voxelizedDomain.getVoxelMatrix(),
              voxelFlag::innerBorder, flagMatrix.getBoundingBox(), 1);
pcout << "Number of fluid cells: " << computeSum(flagMatrix) << std::endl;
pcout << "Voxelisation Complete" << std::endl;

T cSmago = 0.14;
Dynamics<T,DESCRIPTOR>* dynamics = 0;
 if (useIncompressible) {
   dynamics = new GuoExternalForceBGKdynamics<T,DESCRIPTOR>(omega); // In this model velocity equals momentum.
   // setExternalVector(flagMatrix, voxelizedDomain.getVoxelMatrix(), externalForce, externalForce);
   dynamics = new SmagorinskyBGKdynamics<T,DESCRIPTOR>(omega, cSmago);  
else {
   // dynamics = new SmagorinskyBGKdynamics<T,DESCRIPTOR>(omega, cSmago);
   dynamics = new GuoExternalForceSmagorinskyBGKdynamics<T,DESCRIPTOR>(omega, cSmago);

{ }

I hope that this helps.

You will notice that I have commented out some lines as I experimented with various options. I eventually settled on the GuoExternalForceSmagorinskyBGKdynamics becuase I included gravity as an external body force as well.



Dear Muaaz,
Iā€™m sorry for not replying to you in time.Thank you very much for your help. It is very helpful to me.
Guo Weiqi