Implementation of rotating boundaries with inter- extrapolated BB schemes

Hello all Palabos users,

I am a going to try to implement a code which makes it possible to simulate rotating geometries (e.g. rotating wheels). Now I have the problem, that there is a lot of literature on curved boundary implementation (inter- extrapolated BB schemes etc). Since a Guo based extrapolation scheme is already implemented in Palabos I thought it would be easy to make a test case in 2D with a stationary cylinder just to validate the implemented scheme. The off lattice scheme is unforunately written for 3D cases only so my question is:
wouldn’t it be easier to implement an Immersed Boundary Schme (IBM) which allows easy implentation of Boundaries (for 2D and 3D stationary cases) and which can be quite easaly extended to a moving IBM scheme.

Does anybody have an idea which way (extending Guo off lattice (previous 2D implementation) scheme or complete new implementation of IBM code) would be more better?

Thanks a lot