I would like to simulate a 2d, with MultiBlockLattice


I have to simulate a no quadratic drawing.



I have two triangles above of the rectangle geometry.

How can i write these boundaries??


The only possibility currently is to use bounce-back. As an example, see cylinder2d.

Okay, i saw the example cylinder2d, but i have doubt. To quadratic form or circular is easy. I need to make a bounce-back with a equilateral triangle. Can you help me ?? or do you have a example?



The code which generates the geometry of a cylinder with bounce-back wall nodes is general. You can replace the equation of a circle by any other equation describing the shape of your boundary. The rule is simple: instantiate boundary nodes with bounce-back and fluid nodes with BGK. There’s no example available which solves your problem, so you’re on your own. Don’t hesitate to post more specific questions if you encounter problems.