I need help to compile examples

Please help me
I downloaded the xflows-0.6r1.zip and unziped it and cpied it to home directory.My OS is Linux Fedora 9 and it have gcc version 4.3.2 but I don’t know any thing about compiling and I don’t know what I should type in Terminal to compile the code.Please explain it in detail for me that what should I do?

Dear masoud_seyedi !

You should write in Terminal ! :

cd (Change into the directory of examples) : xFlows/examples/tutorial/section_1
./(name of the file) : ./tutorial_1_2

some times you need modify makefile contents (especially in tutorials). it is very simple and you can do it !


Thanks a lot.
I could compile & run it.thank you so much.
I have one question again! the output of these code(cavity2d & cylinder2d) is just in .gif & .vtk format.how can I reach to data format?

Your well come!

You can do it, read User’s Guide of xFlow here

it is very useful for you, specially this

you can extract data in terminal or in .dat (like TXT files) form.

Indeed, Tutorial 1.4: Data analysis is a very good and comprehensive example.