How to use compute components offEquilibrium populations?

Hi community,

I am trying to determine the components offEquilibrium populations. I do this to implement boundary conditions

Therefore use the option


And I determinate PiNeq as


The problem is that I have an error even though there I write in the header of my program the subdirectories that I suppose that to be necessary, such as

#include “complexDynamics/microfluidicsDynamics_bounded.h”
#include “complexDynamics/microfluidicsDynamics_bounded.hh”
#include “core/dynamics.hh”
#include “dataProcessors/dataAnalysisFunctional2D.hh”
#include “basicDynamics/isoThermalDynamics.hh”
#include “latticeBoltzmann/offEquilibriumTemplates.h”
#include “boundaryCondition/generalizedBoundaryDynamics.hh”

Thanks community for your helpful