HOW to simulate sphere particle sedimentation?

In recent days, I’ve been working on the particulate flow, and I’m going to calculate a sphere or spheres sedimenting in a container. Could the OpenLB compute such case?

Dear all,
I wonder how the moving boudary on the sphere particle can be implemented in OpenLB. Could anyone enlighten me?

the moving boundaries problem cannot really be addressed in OpenLB since there are no “off-lattice” boundary conditions for the moment. Furthermore the moving boundaries problem has not really been solved in the LBM (to my knowledge).

Sorry for the bad news :wink:


Thank you for your reply, Orestis! Maybe we can work it out in the future :wink:

Hi timolab,

If your systems are close to colloidal systems you can simulate the sphere particle sedimentation by applying corresponding forces on each node. I think Tony Ladd does it. Just google it.

Hopefully it helps,

Thank you Alex, I think your advice is a good idea :slight_smile: