How to output velocity field(VTK file) of example-aneurysm?

Hi Everyone,

I am a beginner of Palabos and C++. When studying the Palabos-showcase, aneurysm, I have some problems in generating the VTK file of velocity field, which would be viewed with Paraview. I don’t know how to modify the code to accomplish this task.
Anyone can help me with it?
I look forward to your reply.
Thanks in advance.

Best regards, Robinson

I tried to insert a function producing velocity field:
void writeVTK (
OffLatticeBoundaryCondition3D<T,DESCRIPTOR,Velocity>& boundaryCondition, plint level, T dx, T dt )
VtkImageOutput3D vtkOut(createFileName(“vtk”,level), dx);
vtkOut.writeData<3,float>(*boundaryCondition.computeVelocity (lattice), “vel”, dx/dt);


as well as a sentence in the function that prepares and performs the actual simulation:
writeVTK(boundaryCondition, level, dx, dt);

as expected, the program can not be compiled successfully.Who can tell me what I should do to figure it out?