How to compile the palabos code in parallel with visual studio?

I have compiled the palabos code with visual studio 2013.but i do not know how to make it wroks in parallel mode. Any help would be appreciated.

hi superbeer
which version of palabos code have you compiled with vs 2013? have you tried to compiled the latest version with visual studio?

Did you try to have a loook at the gitlab repo recently? We upgraded the instructions for windows.

I have tried to use cmake 3.18 to generate the project with visual studio 2013, and the “.sln” file was created in the build folder. During this process, the hdf5 item was unchecked(because Optionally the HDF5 library, I do not know if this will affect ).
when I open the “.sln” with visual studio 2013 to compile it, there were some mistakes, void init(MPI_Comm Communicator) not declared , how to fix this problem?


HDF5 is indeed a problem under windows. It must have been fixed in the latest palabos release (we compile the hdf5 examples without hdf5 because we never managed to install hdf5 with mpi activated).

For mpi you must install mpi you can follow this link: