How How set temperature values in a thermal lattice boltzmann program?

I’ve written a program LBM to study the mass problem. Now i’m trying to study the temperature field in the same case.I’m just wondering if the dimensionalization of temperature values follows the same process of implementing all other parameters like velocity, pressure etc ?

For example if my domain is initially at T_0=900°C , how can i express this value? Should it be T_0 =1? Then how to scale a value at the boundary which is equal to for example 750°C ?

Please help me, and thanks in advance.


I would suggest T-boundary = 750[sup]o[/sup]C to be 0.
Any temperature values in between would scale to the following formula:
(T - T_boundary) / (T_0 - T_boundary).

This way your dimensionless temperature would fall between 0 and 1.
Good luck!