HeatedObjectInChannel example with unsteady.xml file does not run on more than 17 cores

I was trying to run my code which is very similar to the heated object in channel code on ~35 cores but the moment the core count goes higher than 17 results in a bus error (signal 7). For a sanity check i also ran the example and the same thing happens with the unsteady xml file. (it seems to work with a few more cores with the steady input file but still fails when it reaches around 25).

Has anyone else had some experience with this before I sink too much of my time trying to diagnose if it’s a system error.


This was running in a ubuntu Docker and that seemed to be the cause of the issue. Running in native linux seems to be working fine

Interesting. Do you have the docker image somewhere so I can test it?

Hi Orestis,
Odds are it was just a poorly setup docker on my part.
I’m gonna do some more tests when I have time to ensure not the docker causing the issue.
if you want it anyway I’ll send it over !

when you are done testing I sur am interested!