heatDiffusion D2Q5 and Boundary conditions

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a very quick question for a very quick yes/no answer.
Can I use BC such as boundary:: neumann and boundary::dirichlet on advectionDiffusion descriptor D2Q5?
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No I don’t think you can do that but I might be wrong. You can implement dirchlet boundary conditions, using the method addTemperatureBoundaryXN and addTemperatureBoundaryXP. For the Neumann boundary condtions you should write your own Data Processor…

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and thank you very much! This is what I have though.
In fact, there is already a simple Data Processor AdiabaticBoundaryProcessorXD, which can be however used only for flat walls.
In the processor, the temperature (density) at the boundary is simply set equal to that of the neighbor temperature in the bulk.
Any idea how I could define the value at the corner?
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Wondering if you have figured out the way to define the corner boundary condition. It would be great if you could share the knowledge.


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till now I have beeen busy with some other stuff. I hope that in near future I will come back to this topic.