Grid refinement on Two-phase flows


I would like to realize simulations using a grid-refinement (like it is defined on the example of dipole.cpp) applied on two-phase flows (described by: “TwoPhaseFields3D<T,DESCRIPTOR> fields(blockStructure, dynamics->clone(), dynamics2->clone(), rhoEmpty, densityRatio, surfaceTensionLB, contactAngle, externalForce, externalForce2, model);”).
However the block structure, which is an attribute of “TwoPhaseFields3D”, must be a sparse block (“SparseBlockStructure3D”) whereas the block created by the grid-refinement is a multi gird (“MultiGridLattice3D”).

Do you have any idea how to convert the multi-grid into a sparse block, keeping all the interesting properties of the multi-grid ? Or do you have any suggestion how to combine the grid-refinement with the two-phase flow model ?

Thank you very much !

Dear pauLb,
What kind of grid refinement technique you are using?

Dear vijay,
I am trying to reuse the same refinement technique presented in the example if “gridRefinement2d” but adapted to 3D cases. I am using the “MultiGridManagement3D” coming from the “multiGrid” field of the source code given in palabosv1.5r1.