Grid Refinement in 2D


I would like to study the flow around an airfoil using Palabos with a LES model. To do that, I will need grid refinement, otherwise I would really have too much points. But I can’t find how to use this feature in Palabos… If I’ve understood correctly, it’s not implemented in 3 dimensions. Is it really the case ? Even if I want my 3D geometry (including grid refinement) to be the repetition of identical slices (my initial geometry is in 2D but I want to extrude it over a small tchicknes to simulate 3D turbulence) ?
I’d also like to give it a try in 2 dimensions, and to understand how this works I’ve tried the gridRefinement2d example (in /examples/showCases (with dipole.cpp)). But it’s not working.
I’ve got this message during compilation:

error: ‘putParameter’ was not declared in this scope, and no declarations were found by argument-dependent lookup at the point of instantiation [-fpermissive]
/home/stephane/palabos-v1.4r1/src/multiGrid/multiGridParameterManager.hh:101:13: note: declarations in dependent base ‘plb::RefinementParameters’ are not found by unqualified lookup
/home/stephane/palabos-v1.4r1/src/multiGrid/multiGridParameterManager.hh:101:13: note: use ‘this->putParameter’ instead

Is this because I’ve done something wrong, or is there really an error in the source code ? It’s maybe a little bit naive, but I tried to modify the multiGridParameterManager.hh.
At line 101 there is: “putParameter(thisLevelParameters);”
I don’t really know if the error really tells me to do that, but I’ve changed it into:

This makes the compilation works, but instead at the execution I’ve got a segmentation fault (core dumped…)

Many thanks in advance for any help

Hello everyone,

I’m also trying to do grid refinement in 2D by using the gridRefinement2D example, and I came across the very same problem. I could solve the compilation error by changing my compiler version (doesn’t function with gcc 4.7.2 but OK with gcc 4.4.7), but I’ve still got a segmentation fault at the execution.
Does anyone know what’s the problem ?

Thank you for help !